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Chuck Silverman



While studying musicology at UCLA, I completed two term papers. If you'd like to read them, please go here to see my paper about new Cuban music, called Timba.

Internationally known as a specialist in applying Afro-Caribbean rhythms to the drum set, Chuck Silverman has developed a style of learning and performing on the drum set which will help you to develop command and control of the instrument. Chuck has travelled all over the world teaching thousands of drummers not only about traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms like Songo, Mambo, and Samba, but also sharing his ideas about developing a more creative approach to learning the drum set by using these rhythms as a rhythmic foundation. If you find yourself practicing the same things every day and wishing for something new to spark your creativity, this may be the opportunity for you!


Three of Chuck's books, Practical Applications 1, 2 and 3, have been named to Modern Drummer's (United States) all time best drum books. Chuck's educational video, also titled Practical Applications, outlines some of Chuck's teaching and playing methods. The video has been reviewed by music magazines internationally and is in demand all around the world.

Chuck has written or been featured in many magazines worldwide including Talking Drums magazine, Modern Drummer, Slagwerkkrant (The Netherlands), Rhythm (UK), Batteur (France), Drums and Percussion (Germany), Sticks (Germany) and Percussioni (Italy).

His ideas about the drum set, drums, and drumming are always expanding with the main focus always being how to have more fun playing drums. Recently, hand drums have been added to the Silverman Rhythm Workshops. The Workshops themselves have become more interactive, where the audiences find themselves a part of the performance. It's an exciting way to learn about drums and feel the power of rhythm!


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I have been working with the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer. The Beatnik is much more than a practice pad or metronome. There are five analyzers built into the Beatnik that measure your ability to play subdivisions, phrases, dynamics, moving from one subdivision to another fluidly, and also your ability to groove, lay back and push the beat.